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Affordable Requirements Ordinance passes City Council
The Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC), along with a range of other organizations, has been advocating for changes to strengthen Chicago’s Affordable Requirements Ordinance, the requirement that developers include affordable apartments in their market-rate buildings or pay a fee-in-lieu to…
Announcing a new tool for housing planning in Chicagoland
The Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC), Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning and Metropolitan Mayors Caucus are excited to announce an online tool to support comprehensive housing planning! The Homes for a Changing Region Toolkit enables Illinois municipalities to chart future demand and…
Going Solo in Chicago, part 2
Earlier this year, MPC featured Eric Klinenberg at an Urban Think & Drink to share his take on the dramatic increase of people living alone. Nearly 50 years ago, only 9 percent of Americans lived alone. Today, in Chicago, 36 percent of residents live alone. This duo of posts explores how this…
Regional Housing Initiative: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Publication
  • Nov 8, 2013
What is the Regional Housing Initiative (RHI)? RHI is a program designed to encourage the development, rehabilitation and preservation of quality affordable rental housing throughout the Chicago metropolitan region. The Initiative is a partnership of seven housing authorities (Cook County,…
MPC to debut web-based tool to assess development potential around Chicago's newest bus rapid transit line
  • Sep 9, 2013
Development, transportation experts will discuss Ashland Avenue BRT at MPC Roundtable Sept. 11 (Chicago) ... To improve the city's transit service, the City of Chicago is bringing bus rapid transit (BRT) to two corridors--Central Loop and Ashland Avenue--and planning for a complete BRT system. The…
MPC Roundtable - The Future of Interjurisdictional Collaboration, a New Model for Housing and Community Development
Full audio recording of the Dec. 2012 Interjurisdictional Collaboration roundtable. A video recording is also available.
How planning can bolster community health
View the panelists' presentations (combined into one 2.1MB PDF). In planning, we tend to make major “if, then” assumptions: “The presence of a grocery store in a neighborhood that previously lacked one will cause residents to make healthier food choices.” “New…
MarySue's Midweek Links
As the Illinois General Assembly speeds – or plods, depending on how you look at it – to a self-imposed finish line this week, MPC is aghast at how many critical issues facing our state have again been deferred. But even this year, there are some pockets of good news and we congratulate…
Web chat with MPC, Center for Housing Policy 3/26
Next Friday, March 26, from noon to 2 p.m., MPC and the Center for Housing Policy are co-hosting a live teleconference and webinar to discuss key policy opportunities to improve connections between housing, transportation and workers. The two-part event will begin at noon CST with a 30-minute…
What one asset should Chicago "sign" from another city?
The NFL free agent signing period started last night, and over the next few weeks there will be a lot of players—team assets really—moving from one city to another (with any luck, the Bears will acquire a pass rush and an impact receiver). That got me to thinking, what's one asset from…

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