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Talking Transit: Pace reveals plans for faster, more effective bus service on Milwaukee Avenue
Published monthly, MPC’s Talking Transit provides updates about transit-related activities around the world. Get In the Loop on all the latest local, national and international transit headlines. Did you know? More than 100,000 daily riders take advantage of bus services offered by Pace in…
Chicago Architecture Foundation Bus Rapid Transit Presentation
On June 6th, the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s exhibit: Bus Rapid Transit: Next Stop, Chicago, opened. This is the complete presentation from the evening, covering BRT in Cleveland, New York, San Francisco, and the plans for Chicago's incoming system, to learn about the positive effects…
Spongebob Squarepants offers a lesson in transit reliability
A few weekends ago, I was lazily browsing some Saturday morning cartoons, and caught an episode of Spongebob Squarepants that demonstrated very colorfully the effects of unreliable transit service. In this episode, Spongebob and his trusty sidekick Patrick go to a theme park and, on their way home,…
The future of urban transit
Considering that approximately 65 percent of Chicago public transit users ride buses, it’s clear that improving the quality of bus service will retain existing and attract new people to public transit. As a regular bus rider myself, I know how much my commute – and, by extension, my…
Bus Rapid Transit: Our Ticket to Livable Cities
  • Audio
  • Jun 16, 2010
Listen to this June 16, 2010, event featuring a panel discussion on: An update on the future of bus rapid transit in Chicago. How we can plan now for a more walkable, transit-friendly Chicagoland — including national and international models and local ingredients for success. How the…
Bus Rapid Transit: Advancing Livable Cities
  • May 28, 2010
In 1974, Curitiba, Brazil, introduced the world’s first ever bus rapid transit (BRT) system. It offers the rapidly growing city a reliable, high-quality transportation option that provides accessibility and reduces congestion. The innovative bus service offers many features similar to…
Bus Tracker digital display boards give riders extra time to do their thing
For me, the worst part of waiting for a bus is watching the minutes tick away while I wonder when the next bus will come, which is why I love that the CTA is making bus tracking information more available. In addition to being able to access Bus Tracker on smart phones, or via text messages on…
Bus Rapid Transit in Curitiba, Brazil
  • Video
  • Oct 26, 2009
Curitiba's Bus Rapid Transit system is the source of inspiration for many other cities. This video from Streetfilms illustrates how Curitiba's public transportation system operates and the urban planning and land use principles on which it is based.
Bus Rapid Transit in Bogota, Columbia
  • Video
  • Oct 22, 2009
Watch this Streetsblog video to learn about Bogotá, Colombia's bus rapid transit system, TransMilenio, which travels almost three times the speed of the typical New York City bus.

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