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Talking Transit: Why should Chicago focus growth near transit?
Get In the Loop on all the latest local, national and international transit headlines. Chicago has some of the nation’s greatest economic assets: a well-educated, cosmopolitan population; a diverse set of industries with connections to the rest of the world; and renowned freight and…
Living the 'burbs
This post was written by Christina Loranz, MPC research assistant. About 15 years ago, many Chicago suburbs started seeing renewed growth and investment in their downtowns that continues today, though the rate of growth has slowed down in the last couple years, for sure. During the real estate…
Reinventing investment for a more livable Chicago region

The second event of the MPC-CAF summer discussion series, "Reinventing Public Investment", focused on how federal policies in housing, transportation and economic development have shaped decisions and community development in the Chicago Region.

Goal-Driven, Right-Sized and Coordinated: Federal Investment Reform for the 21st Century
In the midst of an unprecedented economic downturn, community, civic, government, nonprofit and foundation leaders across metropolitan Chicago are planting encouraging seeds of innovation. MPC has released a white paper documenting some of those innovative local efforts, and is seeking more examples to further build the case for federal investment reform.
MPC Roundtable: Around the World in 90 Minutes
  • Jan 9, 2009
Without the need of a passport or visa, a capacity crowd experienced a whirlwind tour of best practices in transportation infrastructure from various Asian and European cities, as part of MPC’s Fall Roundtable Series.
November Media Tips
  • Nov 1, 2008
Great Lakes Leaders to Map Infrastructure Priorities at 11/17 Conference Soaring energy costs, flooding, insufficient mass transit, and crumbling bridges – all have made recent headlines and all stem from poor planning and the continued strain on our nation’s infrastructure. President-elect…
What the Great Lakes Compact means for the Chicago region
The recent passage of the Great Lakes Compact, an historic interstate and international freshwater protection agreement, makes water supply planning even more important.
Reconnecting Neighborhoods: The Homestretch
  • Aug 14, 2008

MPC's Reconnecting Neighborhoods project enters the final months of its yearlong public planning process.

MPC ramps up regional planning work plan in 2008
  • Mar 13, 2008
As the Campaign for Sensible Growth wrapped up at the end of 2007, it handed off its projects and priorities to MPC and other steering committee members.
MPC applauds Chicago's first step toward congestion pricing
On February 8th, Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley announced a plan to outsource meter management to a private firm that would use congestion pricing mechanisms by altering rates to coincide with the times of day when there is peak parking demand.

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