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Take opportunity to make Illinois a true innovator
It's been about five months since federal stimulus dollars were dispersed, and everyone's analyzing whether the funding is creating enough — and the right — jobs. Recovery funding was intended to boost a weak market, so counting jobs is one measure of success. But the American Recovery…
NWI also making no little plans
The man behind the oft-quoted wisdom "Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men's blood ... " will be commemorated this year during the centennial celebration of the "Plan of Chicago," more popularly known as the "Burnham Plan." One of the best-known and respected development plans…
Roosevelt's New Deal vs. Stimulus Package
Visit Chicago Public Radio's Web site to listen to this story. Many grand elements of our shared landscape are legacies of the New Deal, the economic stimulus program of the Great Depression. Take Outer Lake Shore Drive, for example, the State Street subway or the lodge at downstate Starved…
Chicago area is ready for 2016 Olympics
As the members of the International Olympic Committee wrap up their visit to Chicago, I hope each of them carries home memories of a metropolitan region rich with diverse neighborhoods; savvy, hardworking people; and strong assets, including our infrastructure backbone. It will take not just…
Obama and the Cities
The new president has a whole new notion of urban policy. For the past 40 years, through the Great Society initiatives of Lyndon Johnson, the Enterprise Zone programs of HUD Secretary Jack Kemp, and the Hope VI public housing projects of the past decade and a half, urban policy in America has…
Transit and Taxpayers
Mass transit advocates say Gov. Pat Quinn’s proposed capital program needs an overhaul and relies on “fuzzy math,” and they look to an increase in the state’s motor fuel tax to help pump more money into transportation projects. Quinn said this week that he wants to see…
Could suburbs get more transportation cash?
The state Senate's two leaders are open to changes in the way the government divides transportation funding, which now sends the lion's share to downstate Illinois. Speaking at a Metropolitan Planning Council event Friday, Senate President John Cullerton and Republican Leader Christine Radogno…
Communities working together to address foreclosure crisis
When a family loses its home to foreclosure, the entire community feels the ripple effects. A sudden change in address may rip a child from his classroom mid-year. Local employers may be involved, perhaps because a recent layoff caused the family to miss a mortgage payment, or because time off work…
Cut stipends before increasing taxes
Sunday's Daily Herald contained two stories of interest out of Springfield that, had we to do it over again, should have been paired together. One was our front-page story that discussed the ongoing debate over a gas tax increase. How much and how it is divided was the crux of the excellent…
How Should Illinois Spend Stimulus Money?
At this hour, U.S. Representatives are hashing out the details of an $825-billion economic stimulus package. They're expected to vote on the matter today. …

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