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Every drop counts

“Before the Wells Run Dry,” a half-day forum hosted by MPC and Openlands on Oct. 13, drove home one key message: ‘Water waste and inefficiency we can solve; water scarcity is something our region must avert.’ 

Reinventing public investment for a greener Chicago region
  • Sep 10, 2009

The final installment of the MPC-CAF summer discussion series, "Reinventing Public Investment," focused on opportunities for more environmentally and economically sustainable energy, drinking water, and wastewater policies.

Goal-Driven, Right-Sized and Coordinated: Federal Investment Reform for the 21st Century
In the midst of an unprecedented economic downturn, community, civic, government, nonprofit and foundation leaders across metropolitan Chicago are planting encouraging seeds of innovation. MPC has released a white paper documenting some of those innovative local efforts, and is seeking more examples to further build the case for federal investment reform.
Swimming upstream
Legislation requiring high-volume across Illinois to report their usage passed the House unanimously on May 19, 2009, and will soon be law. With this major victory toward sustainable water supply management, MPC now turns its attention to the state’s budget to ensure that this invaluable new data does not just run down the drain.
Conservation easements still the way to go for agricultural preservation
Illinois Senate Bill 286, which would have empowered county governments to create farmland preservation easement programs, died in the House on May 7, 2009. One argument against easements is that zoning is an effective tool to preserve farms. MPC offers a handful of reasons to the contrary.
MPC supports legislation to ensure informed water supply decisions in Illinois
SB2184, sponsored by Ill. Sen. Susan Garrett (D – Highwood), would require all high-volume water users, in all parts of the state, to report groundwater withdrawals and surface water.
Current shifting for Illinois water
With change afoot in Washington, D.C., and Springfield, the opportunity for MPC to help ensure a long-term sustainable water supply in Illinois has never been greater.
Rebuilding and Renewing America: Highlights from a day of forward thinking
Investment in our nation's water, energy, and transportation infrastructure will be one of the first priorities of the new Obama administration. At MPC's recent conference on the subject, experts from throughout the Great Lakes megaregion identified priorities and outlined a better process for making investment decisions.
What the Great Lakes Compact means for the Chicago region
The recent passage of the Great Lakes Compact, an historic interstate and international freshwater protection agreement, makes water supply planning even more important.
After Showerheads and Sprinklers
As Illinois moves toward a state water supply plan, MPC co-hosted a May 16 conference to generate news ideas for protecting and sustaining our water resources.

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