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Planning for Prosperity: MPC releases 2009 policy agenda

MPC has just released its 2009 Policy Agenda: Planning for Prosperity, our roadmap for developing and advocating for federal, state and regional policies that will make this globally significant region more competitive, sustainable and equitable.

In 2009, MPC is advocating for the following policy recommendations:

  • The State of Illinois and federal government must adopt transparent and complementary systems for prioritizing capital investments.

  • Healthy metropolitan areas offer a range of housing and transportation choices. Illinois can lead the nation by using federal and state funding to reward coordinated regional planning and spur local investments that are consistent with regional plans.

  • Long-range federal transportation, environment and housing plans – currently created in isolation – should be coordinated.

  • Illinois must identify a state framework for coordinating growth, not only to build more attractive communities, but also to stretch limited funding to achieve multiple goals.

  • Illinois must approve a new state capital investment plan, guided by criteria, to repair existing infrastructure, improve transportation choices, connect regional assets, and reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and water loss.

  • Local municipalities working across political boundaries to address shared concerns should be rewarded with additional and more flexible funding.

  • Greater interagency coordination at the local, state and federal levels is needed to help create more economically vibrant and sustainable communities in Chicagoland. Illinois must fully finance the Local Planning Fund, which not only fosters interagency coordination in Illinois, but also provides resources to developing and redeveloping municipalities. Illinois should develop a statewide framework for regional water supply planning and become a model for other states.

  • Illinois must recommit to being a steward of open space by rewarding strategies that recognize the economic benefits of ecosystems and preserve and protect them for future generations. Illinois should enact legislation allowing the targeted use of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) to supplement traditional infrastructure funding sources.

  • Governments at all levels need to use limited taxpayer dollars wisely, by targeting modest public investments to programs proven to leverage private sector investment.

  • Through careful planning and innovative strategies that make the most of limited financial resources, we can respond to pressing issues facing families, businesses and communities – and pave the way toward long-term sustainable growth in metropolitan Chicago. Guided by a powerful combination of common sense and best practices with a high return on investment, and in partnership with new leaders in Washington D.C. and Springfield, Chicagoland can move to the head of the class.  

    MPC’s 75-year track record chronicles a history of forging consensus and implementing solutions. Even during bleak times, we keep our eyes on the future. In 2009, we will continue to work with Chicago-area civic, business and government leaders to align priorities and shape a regional vision that maximizes investments, strengthens competitiveness, improves community livability, and builds prosperity.

    For more information about MPC's Policy Agenda – Planning for Prosperity, contact Peter Skosey , vice president of external relations, at (312) 863-6004 or

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