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In the Loop: November 9, 2012

Now is the time to decide how we maintain and fund our transportation infrastructure moving forward.

In the Loop is your Friday round-up of what's going on in the transportation world, posted in conjunction with Talking Transit.

MPC Research Assistant Ariel Ranieri authored this post.

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Infrastructure maintenance: Why it's more important to fix it first. What is an intelligent transportation system and why is it cost-effective? Along these lines, infrastructure investment: is it a question of new tools, or just a new perspective? Plus, how to make your job at the Chicago Botanic Gardens even more environmentally friendly


In Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and CTA President Forrest Claypool have reached a tentative agreement with the CTA trade unions. Chicago’s Open 311 interface invites app developers into the city service request arena. Bike lane construction continues well into fall, while bus rapid transit advocates wonder, “if we build it, will they ride?” Plus, your moral dilemma of the week: can parking structures be “green?”

Public-private partnerships – like the punk scene, Puritanism, and trench coats – began in the UK but are gaining traction here. Los Angeles will try out congestion pricing, and apparently it's not just the economy, Americans really are driving less. Post-Sandy, Andrew Cuomo discusses a smarter New York City as the Department of Transportation releases $12 million in emergency funds to New Jersey and Connecticut, while speculation abounds on how the election results will affect the future of transportation.

In the world: Dhaka, Bangladesh anticipates a huge transit expansion, and the United Nations highlights Guangzhou’s BRT program as one of nine global “lighthouse activities.” Meanwhile, EMBARQ seeks to improve pedestrian safety around India’s BRT systems. The banks in Manila are warming to public transit, and at the end, a reminder that for urban planning, Iran is both a parent and a teacher.

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