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New housing opportunities available for people on Housing Choice Voucher Waiting List

NOTE: Please be advised that this program is no longer accepting applications.

Are you on the Housing Choice Voucher Waiting List in metropolitan Chicago? Have you considered moving to a new apartment to have better access to jobs, transit or quality schools? Here’s good news: Some exciting new opportunities are available for you!

Thanks to the new and federally-funded Chicago Regional Housing Choice Initiative (CRHCI), rental procedures are being updated for a number of properties located across metropolitan Chicago. The goal is to make it easier for you to access quality apartments as they become available. If you are already on the Housing Choice Voucher Waiting List, you can participate in this program by adding your name to specific waiting lists for apartment buildings and communities that appeal to you.

Read on to learn more about CRHCI and the homes available and to read the Frequently Asked Questions.

How does CRHCI work?

In the last decade, local housing authorities have supported nearly 350 affordable apartments (by using project-based vouchers) located in about two dozen properties near jobs, transit, quality schools, and other amenities. Each building has been recently constructed or renovated, or is scheduled to become available in the near future. The CRHCI program is a great opportunity to live in one of these well-managed, attractive communities in Chicago or the suburbs.

To participate in the program, follow these steps:

1. Determine your eligibility.
The requirements to join CRHCI are simple: 

  • All applicants must be on one of the following Public Housing Authority waiting lists: Chicago Housing Authority, DuPage Housing Authority, Housing Authority of Cook County, Joliet Housing Authority, Lake County Housing Authority, McHenry County Housing Authority, Oak Park Housing Authority, and Waukegan Housing Authority.
  • All applicants will be asked to participate in an evaluation, which includes follow-up support and a home visit three (3) months after moving into a new apartment and a survey 12 months after moving into the apartment.

2. View properties.
Click on one of the regions below to see pictures, descriptions, and location of developments in that area. 

3. Submit the pre-application.
If you want to live in one of the available properties, you must submit the application and choose to be notified when a home becomes available. Download the application here. Please fill out the application and submit it according to the directions on the form by Friday, April 20, 2012. As developments open up, applicants will be offered apartments according to their place on the waiting list and bedroom size needs.

If you believe you are eligible for supportive housing, please identify whether any of these particular properties are of interest to you in the application.

4. Seek assistance from Housing Choice Partners.
Please call Housing Choice Partners at 1-866-386-1123 if you have any questions or concerns.

Housing Choice Partners also offers applicants tours of the developments, as well as supportive services including financial and budgeting workshops, credit counseling, and an introduction to the communities and their local schools, organizations, employment resources, and other amenities and services. Learn more about Housing Choice Partners free services here.

Frequently Asked Questions about CRHCI

What is the difference between a Housing Choice Voucher and this project-based opportunity?

Essentially, to encourage more housing opportunities in desired neighborhoods, your Housing Authority has “converted” some of its tenant-based vouchers to support needed housing rehab and development that serves people on its waiting list.  The main difference is that the rent subsidy itself stays with the apartment, to ensure its long-term affordability. Your rent is calculated the same way.

Do I get a Housing Choice Voucher when I chose to move?

After successfully completing the lease term, you may request a Housing Choice Voucher to move. If the Housing Authority has a voucher available upon termination of the lease, you will receive the voucher immediately. If the Housing Authority does not have a voucher available, you will receive priority for the next available voucher opportunity.

What are the income restrictions?

Households coming from the Chicago Housing Authority must not make over 80% of the Chicago Area Median Income.

1 person

2 person

3 person

4 person

5 person

6 person

7 person

8 person










Households coming from other Housing Authorities must not make over 50% of the Chicago Area Median Income.

1 person

2 person

3 person

4 person

5 person

6 person

7 person

8 person









Is housing counseling mandatory?

Counseling is not mandatory, but is encouraged for all households. Housing Choice Partners is the agency that will be assisting households with moving. As developments and apartments become available, Housing Choice Partners will contact households on the waiting list to confirm their interest in the development. At this time, households expressing an interest will be offered counseling. The details of counseling are explained in the attached brochure.  

Can I remain on the Housing Choice Voucher waiting list and be in this program?

Yes! All households who sign up for CRHCI will remain in their same position on the Housing Choice Voucher waiting list. If you move into one of CRHCI’s project-based apartments, you will be removed from the Housing Choice Voucher waiting list. 

How many times can I reject an apartment?

You will be contacted for suitable apartments as they become available on the waiting list(s) you listed as a preference. You will be offered 3 different apartments before being removed from the CRHCI program. Being removed from the program will not affect your positing on the Housing Choice Voucher waiting list. 

Will I get a security deposit or other financial incentive?

No, unfortunately the program is unable to provide additional support.

What are your next steps to joining?

Fill out an application confirming your interest, willingness to participate in the evaluation, and awareness of the income restrictions that you must meet to be involved in the program. The application is due by April 20, 2012.

Who do I contact if I have questions or inquiries?  Please call Housing Choice Partners at 1-866-386-1123.

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  1. 1. sabrina from 72scaq on July 13, 2012

    I am on the housing chouice voucher waiting list and I never received a letter concerning this

  2. 2. ronena dennis davis from cook county on August 22, 2012

    i ronena dennis davis.iam on the waiting list also and neve received a letter or a meeting and i had my number evey seces 1990 and still nothing it is not far.

  3. 3. SHEILA BROWN from 2644 W POTOMAC 3FL. on October 4, 2012


  4. 4. VON from Anything on November 9, 2012

    VON PRATT Disabled

  5. 5. Michelle from Chicago,I'll on November 11, 2012

    Is this still going cuz I need an apt for me and my kids asap

  6. 6. Nene on December 12, 2012

    I think CHA is planning on not housing the poor or low income anymore. They got to many people on the waitlist who really need housing to have all these vacant units. CHA is not where it is at I’m moving back to Minnesota where they take care of there people. HUD is looking into CHA taking money on vacant units so I know somebodys about to be fired and maybe CHA will start doing there jobs like opening up there waiting lists.

    Cha sucks. They only open up their waitlist every 10 years. It takes you 20 years just to get housing move to Minnesota that’s where you will get your help from. They city of Minneapolis is 100 times better than Chicago.

    Cha need to open up that waitlist for all housing in 2013. That’s a shame they got people waiting on housing when they got over 30,000 units open for rent. I see they doing an update 3 and 5 years after opening the waitlist for section 8 and public housing. They should have been did this. Cha also got in trouble with Hud too for taking money for empty units that could be housing women with kids or homeless people. Chicago wondering why so many people moving out of the city and state.

  7. 7. frank velazquez from northside area on December 23, 2012

    looking for section 8 appartment for a disable person ,with two room in the chicago area of ill with low income 400 month need apartment asap please

  8. 8. Roger Robinson from Chicago on January 14, 2013

    Trying to relocate to Chicago from Detroit I'm disabled need housing assistance ASAP

  9. 9. Dominique Dixon from Chicago on February 8, 2013

    I'am a single 24yr old single mother with 4 children my mother died when i was 15yrs old i been filling out for low incomes section 8 and no responses how in world PPLS come from different states and get a low incomes or a section 8 in Chicago and i was born and raised right here in my home town and can't get no help shaking my head lord please help me i need you Dominique Dixon 773-392-3001 feel free to contact me im looking for somewhere to go cause me and my kids been homeless too long

  10. 10. valorie pollard from waukegan on March 6, 2013

    iam looking to fine apartment this is my first time doing this i never live in housing iam dis i have a pacemaker in me with god help i fine it i dont ask for a lot i need something on my own now one bed room can you help me

  11. 11. carmeisha biggs from Chicago illinois/anywhere in illinois on March 13, 2013

    Is you all accepting applications

  12. 12. ms.p t. from open on May 20, 2013

    Im on low income public housing an they say I cant move im in altgeld garden I pray someone would help me out of there 6 years in there pay rent things included even your life they shoots almost every dayplease give me follow ups

  13. 13. Catina Hilson on June 15, 2013

    I am on the list for an opening in the newly built Emerson Square apts in Evanston, My question when will they start the process of the program?

  14. 14. Janee Davis on July 9, 2013

    I just found out about this information, Im am currently on the Joliet Housing Choice Voucher Program Waiting List , is it to late to apply for CRCHI

  15. 15. Charles Brown from Logan Square on August 6, 2013

    I'm on the HACC Waitlist HCV and in very need of 1of these units like badly. I signed the CRHCI application dated by August 2, 2013 and aint heard anything yet.

  16. 16. toya on October 17, 2013

    Hi my name is Toya I've been on the list since 2001 I got a letter in 2008 asking was I still intrestead in cook county section8 I filled the from out havent heard anything since

  17. 17. Zenobia Trotter on January 10, 2014

    I am on the Chicago housing authority list and I just found this information out. Can I still apply

  18. 18. pamela from north Chicago on January 12, 2014

    I been on the waiting list and I'm still homeless with my two kids. Where the real help at!!!!

  19. 19. Roberta Marras from Green leaf Manor in Glenview Il. on July 23, 2014

    I have been appoved for by housing back in August. I was told when my unit is ready i will be notified. The lady for the unit contacted me in October. She left me a message to call her back. I have been leaving messages with her anwering service. I also email her and it's been 9 monthes. Still no return calls or emails.
    I haven't recieved

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