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Background information for the Logan Square community workshops

Steven Vance

Logan Square station plaza, where there's big potential for new development.

We've put together some introductory materials so you can learn about the two sites we'll be looking at for our three-part workshop process in Logan Square, plus relevant topics like affordable housing and tax-increment financing. Check out the PDFs below. The "Prompt Posters," which include information about affordable housing, space under the tracks and more, were created in association with Gensler Architects and the Illinois Institute of Technology. In addition, learn about the Bicentennial Plan for altering the traffic circulation in Logan Square. Logan Sq. Station sites The development process Zoning Transit-oriented development Tax-increment financing Affordable housing Historic…

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Illinois’ next governor must adopt new paradigm to fix flooding

Flickr user Mary Anne Enriquez (cc).

Flooding has become a major issue in the Chicago region. How do we lessen the damage?

Illinois’ flooding issues are widespread, and come in many forms: river flooding, urban street flooding and basement backups. Each flows from a complex interaction of rainfall, infrastructure, landscape and human behavior. Yet when a flood occurs, the people affected want simple answers to a couple of straightforward questions: Who is going to fix this mess? And who is going to prevent this from happening again? Unfortunately, the answers are rarely clear-cut. Illinois has 966 publicly owned wastewater treatment plants, 1,742 regulated community water supplies within 33 major watersheds. To regulate these assets, we have local utilities, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, State Water Survey, Dept. of Natural Resources and various health departments. Then there are the…

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In the Loop: August 21, 2014

Flickr user CTA web (cc).

The just-reopened CTA Harrison Red Line Station.

In the Loop is your round-up of what’s going on in the transportation world, posted in conjunction with Talking Transit. @metroplanners news After a month of consultation with the Uptown community about the future of the area adjacent to the Chicago Transit Authority Wilson Station, the Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC) released its Corridor Development Initiative report. The report will be used in consultation with 46th Ward Ald. James Cappleman to plan for the future of the area. MPC will lead a similar community engagement process in Logan Square for the area around the Blue Line station there, beginning Thursday, Sept. 9. MPC is hosting Governor Pat Quinn and businessman Bruce Rauner for our 2014 Annual Luncheon next Thursday, Aug. 28, at noon. At the event, the candidates…

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Old Place New Tricks: Activation days

Community board at South East Chicago Commission's activation in Bronzeville.

Amazing things happened this weekend as 16 groups from across Chicago and the City of Blue Island delivered on programming a space within their community in response to MPC’s 2014 Placemaking Challenge, Old Place New Tricks. Groups identified a site in their community—a vacant lot, an underused park or a lonely retail strip—and brought it to life by creating an active and engaging temporary place. Check out our Storify of the day's tweets! While experiencing a single activation served as a great demonstration for how anybody has the potential to breathe positive energy into their community, the multiplier effect of 16 of these events happening over a single weekend underscores the need that we all share for vibrant places in our communities, regardless of where we…

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States must explore all revenue options to overcome federal transportation funding slump

Source: Transportation for America

A number of states have adopted innovative new revenue streams to pay for transportation infrastructure.

Federal support for transportation infrastructure will likely continue to face cuts and budgetary shortfalls. What does that mean for Illinoisans? The answer depends, in part, on how state leaders respond—a topic the two front-runner candidates for governor will address at the Metropolitan Planning Council’s Annual Luncheon on Aug. 28. The federal Highway Trust Fund, supported by the gas tax, has long supplied the lion’s share of funding for local and state transportation infrastructure projects. But the gas tax has not been increased since 1993; inflation, exacerbated by Americans driving less and choosing more fuel-efficient vehicles, has eroded this critically important revenue source. Last-minute quick fixes by Congress have allowed the fund to hobble along, but…

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