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In the Loop: February 25, 2015

Chicago Transit Authority on Flickr (cc).

Chicago’s new Cermak-McCormick Place station strikes a dramatic pose.

In the Loop is your round-up of what’s going on in the transportation world, posted in conjunction with Talking Transit. @metroplanners news This month, the Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC) launched the Accelerate Illinois campaign in association with several partners, including AARP, Regional Transportation Authority, Transportation for Illinois Coalition and Active Transportation Alliance. Accelerate Illinois’ goal is to understand the frustrations typical Illinoisans experience with their transportation options on a daily basis and ensure that legislators in the General Assembly are responding to their concerns. MPC staff will share the public’s concerns in Springfield throughout 2015. transit in the Chicago region Chicago’s newest elevated station opened…

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Howard Tullman: We didn't come to play, we came to win.

Metropolitan Planning Council

From left: Howard Tullman, Barbara Pollack and event moderator Michael Krauss

On Thursday, Feb. 12, the Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC) hosted an Urban Think & Drink featuring Howard Tullman, serial entrepreneur and CEO of 1871. Our goal for the event: highlight the bond between MPC’s vision for the Chicago region and the work of the tech and entrepreneur sector here. Together with our 2015 Annual Luncheon on June 3, which will feature renowned Chicago investor J.B. Pritzker and honor Miles D. White of Abbott Laboratories, this event highlights the emerging, intertwined roles of tech, data, entrepreneurship and regional planning in creating a stronger future for the Chicago region. MPC’s Urban Think & Drink series invites creative urban innovators to share their philosophies on what makes cities better, what drives them and how we can all…

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Announcing a new tool for housing planning in Chicagoland

Flickr user Eric Allix Rogers (CC)

Chicago area rowhouses

The Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC), Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning and Metropolitan Mayors Caucus are excited to announce an online tool to support comprehensive housing planning! The Homes for a Changing Region Toolkit enables Illinois municipalities to chart future demand and supply trends for housing in their communities and develop long-term housing policy plans. The toolkit is a new iteration of the Homes for a Changing Region initiative, which has provided over 40 municipalities across Chicagoland with market-based housing plans. If you want to learn more about how communities have undertaken the Homes for Changing Region planning process to set the stage for future policies and implementation, check out this MPC blog series. The Homes for Changing Region Toolkit…

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Why aren’t we talking about segregation in Chicago?

Flickr user Ann Fisher (CC)

Focusing on gentrification downplays the reality that many Chicagoans increasingly live in communities struggling with entrenched poverty.

It will be no surprise to you when I say that Chicago is a segregated city. In fact, a 2012 study by the Manhattan Institute went so far as to say that Chicago is the United States’ most racially segregated city. Last week, the Reader called Chicago’s segregation “The most important issue no one’s talking about in the mayoral race.” The emphasis is important. Just as it seems that editorial boards and candidates would rather talk about pensions and potholes, it seems that everyone else would too. Recently, WBEZ ran a weeklong series on gentrification. Two Harvard researchers created an app to study Chicago’s gentrification all the way from Cambridge. Curbed Chicago has a page dedicated to ”Gentrification Watch.” And yet, the biggest…

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2016 Presidential Budget: A plan for infrastructure

Flickr user cta web (CC)

Roads, transit lines, bridges and water pipes are all examples of infrastructure that get us through our daily lives. We need to make sure we invest strategically in these indispensable assets.

President Obama released an ambitious $4 trillion budget proposal earlier this week with the stated goal “to bring middle-class economics into the 21st Century.” The President’s proposal is the start to the annual federal budget process. Over the next few months, the proposal will be subject to a slew of debates and edits before Congress submits a revised appropriations bill to the President to be signed into law. In all likelihood, the implemented budget will differ from the proposal. However, that does not detract from the importance of the vision and the priorities presented here. With growing wealth inequality and uneven job recovery, the budget outlined a wide range of initiatives to address some of the most basic and common challenges of everyday life from housing…

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