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Accelerate Illinois: Your soymilk doesn’t just walk to the grocery store
Illinois is the nation’s soybean capital, producing more of this important crop than any other state. In fact, in 2014 Illinois produced a record-breaking yield of 550 million bushels of soybeans—that’s a lot of animal feed and biodiesel! All that production means more than just…
The intertwining successes of economic and housing mobility
This post has been submitted to New York Times in response to their article “An Atlas of Upward Mobility Shows Paths Out of Poverty." New research from the Equality of Opportunity Project, showing that moving young children to areas with better opportunities improves their economic standing…
Learning and partying at one event: The Chicago River Day fest
  • By Kara Riggio and MPC Research Assistant Isobel Araujo
  • May 13, 2015
Where would you be able to find kayakers, pedestrians, small children, environmentalists, bikers, fishers, food truck enthusiasts and beer lovers together in the same place at the same time? This past Saturday, May 9, that same group gathered to celebrate Chicago River Day on the old railroad…
Chicago River Day 2015: Using play to engage
We have all been to community meetings that involve a city official listing off the nearly final plan for a corridor in your neighborhood or revealing the design for your local park. Not only are these meetings often aggravating, since participants feel left out of the process and unable to…
Illinois is facing a mounting infrastructure maintenance crisis, and we need more funding to address it
It’s a problem apparent even to investors from abroad: Illinois’ infrastructure is falling apart, and we’re failing to fund its renovation. As a result, our state is struggling to attract new investment and our population is not growing nearly as quickly as those of our…
What does "Design for the Just City" mean for Chicago?
If we imagined a city that reflects our ideals in terms of justice and equity, what would it look like? Architect/planner Toni Griffin urged participants to consider this question at the Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC)’s April 21 Urban Think and Drink event, part of a series featuring…
When technology and community development clash
Last month, the Wall Street Journal published an article—“Racing to Buy Homes Sight Unseen”—about how more and more investors are using technology to evaluate and purchase homes without seeing them. They’ll often buy swaths of homes at once and then rent them out. The…

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