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Goal: Reduce housing cost burden for 100,000 people

Though metropolitan Chicago’s housing market remains weak, the availability of affordable homes in "opportunity areas"—communities with good jobs, transit access and quality schools—continues to fall far short of demand. The recession hit suburbs and cities indiscriminately and accelerated a nationwide phenomenon: Today, more of the nation’s poor live in the suburbs than in cities, and between 2000 and 2011, the number of people in poverty in Chicago’s suburbs doubled. More than half of the region’s residents pay more than they can afford in housing.

MPC was founded with the goal of improving housing conditions in Chicago, and today our commitment to affordable housing is steadfast. In partnership with regional public housing authorities and municipal, state and federal governments, we are expanding the number of affordable homes in communities with reliable transportation, good jobs and quality schools for 1,600 people a year.


Our work toward this goal

  • Suburban Housing Strategies

    Maximizing resources in the face of the foreclosure crisis and the suburbanization of poverty

  • Grow Chicago

    New development near transit will improve opportunities for all Chicagoans.

  • Equitable TOD

    New opportunities for people of all incomes to live near transit

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