Three phases of policy change

MPC fulfills its mission of improving the region's competitiveness and livability by using three strategies—research, advocacy, and implementation—to achieve successful policy change. As illustrated by the recent examples below, MPC often deploys all three of these strategies during the life cycle of an individual project, in different sequences and intensities.
  • Research

    Building a world-class Bus Rapid Transit network

    In 2010, MPC set out to identify the 10 best locations for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) routes in the city of Chicago. While traditional transit planning measures current ridership and travel time, MPC took its analysis even further and factored in "livability" criteria such as access to jobs, schools, shopping, and other critical community needs. The resulting report, Bus Rapid Transit: Chicago's New Route to Opportunity, was released in August 2011.

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  • Advocacy

    Putting plans into practice

    Doing more with less is more than a cliche these days; it is a fact of life, at every level of government and across the private sector. While everyone knows putting off expensive repairs or delaying new projects might provide short-term relief, stopgap solutions will only exacerbate the region's already overwhelming investment needs. MPC believes the answer is not how much we spend, but how well.

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  • Implementation

    Collaborating to rebuild and revive communities

    Originally envisioned as a golf course, Olympia Fields is a small, relatively diverse bedroom community located about 25 miles south of downtown Chicago. With a median annual income of about $95,000, Olympia Fields is also an affluent community—especially compared to many of its south suburban neighbors—and not the most obvious candidate to participate in an interjurisdictional collaboration to deal with rampant foreclosures afflicting the south suburbs. And yet, Olympia Fields is one of the 18 communities in the Chicago Southland Housing and Community Development Collaborative, and one of four communities to participate in a 2011 Homes for a Changing Region planning initiative.

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