WaterSense Certifies Irrigation Controllers

By Christina Blackston

On November 3, 2011, WaterSense developed a process for certifying irrigation controllers, the first outdoor product which can receive the WaterSense label. Weather-based irrigation controllers modify irrigation schedules to respond to site-specific conditions. As with other products, the products will be independently certified to meet EPA’s criteria for water efficiency and performance. The WaterSense label will be available for both residential and commercial landscape irrigation systems.

Seven billion gallons of water a day are consumed for residential outdoor water use, mostly attributable to landscape irrigation. Estimates find that overwatering leads to 50% of this water being wasted due to inefficiencies, which can be reduced by watering plants only when they need it. Irrigation controllers with the WaterSense label will take into account actual weather conditions rather than relying on a preset schedule.

As WaterSense makes new advances in the area of water conservation, the program is also asking for a funding increase from EPA in the next fiscal year. A funding increase of $500,000 would expand the program by 20% and would make possible additional product specifications, market research, partner collaboration, and program documentation. To learn more about how your organization can help support the funding increase click here.

WaterSense WOWW Factors

  •  Nearly 80 billion gallons of water and 10.8 billion kwh of electricity were saved in 2010
  • A total of $2 billion of savings in water and energy bills for consumers in the first 5 years
  • More than 3,200 plumbing products have earned the WaterSense label in the first 5 years, educating numerous consumers about saving water
  • Estimated reduction of 3.9 million metric tons of carbon dioxide
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