Backyard Water Conservation Events, June 12 & 21

Summer is here (or has it been here this whole time?)! With that, here are a couple events to help property owners do their part by bringing water conservation and stormwater management tools to their own backyards.

City of Chicago 2012 Sustainable Backyards Workshop

Residents are NOT required to attend a Sustainable Backyards Workshop to receive a rebate form. However, Sustainable Backyards is offering periodic workshops for residents who want to learn more about the program or the basics of installing and maintaining rain barrels, compost bins, native plants and trees.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Chicago Center for Green Technology
445 N. Sacramento Blvd., Chicago

This workshop will cover the “why” and “how-to” of rain barrels, outdoor composting, trees and native plants for residential use. Participants will also receive an overview of the Chicago Sustainable Backyards Program, including how Chicago residents can receive up to 50% off of their next tree, native plant, rain barrel or compost bin purchase.


Lake County Conservation@Home: How to Make Your Lawn More Eco-Friendly

Is it possible to have a nice-looking lawn without relying on chemicals?


Steve Pincuspy, Program Coordinator for WRD Environmental, presents a variety of techniques that deliver solid results. Whether you hire a company or handle your own lawn care, this talk provides valuable tips that allow you to move from conventional lawn care to a more natural approach, thereby reducing health and environmental concerns.

This program is presented in partnership with Friends of Ryerson Woods. $25 ($20 FRW and LPC members)


7 – 8:30 pm
Thursday, June 21
Ryerson Woods Welcome Center, Deerfield
Start: Thu Jun 21, 7:00 pm
Ryerson Woods Welcome Center
21850 N. Riverwoods Rd., Deerfield, IL

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  3. Margarett Laumbach says:

    Water conditioning devices including water conditioners, reverse osmosis (“RO”) filters, iron filters and other kinds of backwashing treatment systems all produce wasted water, which in turn eliminates accumulated contaminants. The wasted water can be minimized with just a few basic steps.^

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