Highland Park offers green infrastructure guide for residents

Highland Park, Ill. has put out a great pamphlet for residents explaining the what, why, and how of green infrastructure for stormwater management.  The north Chicago suburb has implemented on-site stormwater management techniques at several municipal buildings, including a demonstration rain garden at City Hall.  The Hyacinth Place affording housing complex in Highland Park also features native plant gardens and permeable paving to reduce runoff and filter up to 80% of water-born pollutants.

The guide offers an easy-to-understand explanation of the importance of stormwater management, as well as resources for homeowners looking to undertake their own green projects, whether as simple as a rain barrel installation or as major as a full home renovation. Check it out, be inspired to start that project you’ve been planning, and share it with your neighbors.

Click here to view Highland Park’s guide to on-site stormwater management.

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