MPC leads push for regional water planning coordination

MPC staff Abby Crisostomo and Josh Ellis will speak at two upcoming Chicago-area events on water planning.

At the November 15 Chicago Wilderness Congress, participants will consider innovative best practices for conservation.

Josh Ellis will present on Greening the Illinois Plumbing Code: The Path to Rainwater and Greywater Reuse. Josh will also speak on The Future(s) of the Chicago River as part of a panel titled Reimagining the Chicago and Calumet Rivers for the Twenty-First Century and Beyond.

Abby Crisostomo will present on Regionally-Coordinated Water Resource Planning using Water Conservation Ordinances in Chicago’s Far Northwest Suburbs.

For more information:

On December 3, Abby and Josh will also present as part of a webinar hosted by the Illinois Section American Water Works Association on Regionally Coordinated Water Planning.  The session will describe the process and challenges of regional coordination, setting the stage for the Northwest Water Planning Alliance’s next water conservation efforts and providing a model for other regional water supply planning groups to follow.

More information and online registration available here

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