About WOWW

What Our Water’s Worth is an ongoing campaign led by the Metropolitan Planning Council and Openlands to raise awareness about the value of water in northeastern Illinois and northwestern Indiana. From Lake Michigan to the Fox River, how we use our water resources – including what we conserve, how much we waste, and what we choose to invest in water quality – is up to each of us.

This is our water – and it’s worth more than we know.

Learn more at the What Our Water’s Worth web site.

What Our Water’s Worth is sponsored by Illinois American Water.

2 Responses to About WOWW

  1. Judith Hamje says:

    We are doing our second ONE EARTH FILM FESTIVAL the weekend of March 1-3 in Oak Park, River Forest and Forest Park. The opening green carpet gala will feature the high school winner of our young filmmakers contest which is about water. Last year we had some of your think at the sink decals that stick on the back splash.

    We would like to have more of them for this event. Some of our coordinators have them in their kitchens and asked if we could get more.

    Thank You,
    Judith Hamje

    • chicagolandh2o says:

      I’m sorry, Judith, we are all out of our decals! We’re considering doing another print run, though, so maybe for your next event.

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