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Revise Recreate Rezone: A Neighborhood Guide to Zoning

A comprehensive guide to the City of Chicago's zoning code. Includes explanations of zoning concepts and the different ways Chicago is zoned, photographs and other resources, a glossary of terms, an explanation of how zoning can affect your community, an

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Zoning shapes the form and appearance of the neighborhoods in which we live, work and play by directing what gets built and where. Zoning laws regulate the use of private property in the name of the broader community. A zoning code should reflect and protect a community's character, heritage, values and vision.

Why should you care about zoning? As a Chicago resident, your neighborhood and the entire city are shaped by the zoning code. Does your community have the mix of housing options, shopping, other services and parks that you need? If not, you can influence this through the zoning process.

Some community organizations are consulted frequently by their aldermen with zoning questions. Other individuals and groups haven't had the chance to investigate the zoning code to see how it fits (or doesn't fit) their needs. This Neighborhood Guide to Zoning will assist individuals and community groups in both understanding and influencing local zoning ordinances.

In this guide, you'll find resources to help you understand and analyze the current City of Chicago zoning ordinance and some possible changes to it. It explains how the zoning code works, what it allows, what it prohibits and how it can affect your neighborhood. You can use the tools we've gathered here to develop a vision for your neighborhood and to help make the new zoning code reflect your values and meet your community's needs.

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