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In the Loop: April 27, 2012

Value capture is helping finance the redevelopment of Denver's Union Station.

In the Loop is your Friday round-up of what's going on in the transportation world, posted in conjunction with Talking Transit.


Want to know more about the new Loop (East-West) Bus Rapid Transit? Attend the open house on May 2. In D.C., conference is beginning on a federal transportation extension. Value Capture financing is helping Denver rehab its Union Station and Washington, D.C. expand transit, and MPC is harnessing technology to create better cities.   


Illinois took the first steps to rebuilding the Circle interchange and the City Council approved the Chicago Infrastructure Trust. (Here's a graphic explaining how it would work.) Bus tracker is helping students stay safe and two Chicago guys set a record for riding to every CTA station, noting development patterns along the way. Registration is now open for this year's Transport Chicago conference.

The feds grant Austin $38 billion to build Bus Rapid Transit and Los Angeles is getting bike share. Want to fix U.S. transportation? Ask a nine-year old! Let’s rethink parking while we're at it, too. GAO says technology will curb congestion, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce rebuffs the WSJ and insists that transit drives economic development and cuts traffic.

London’s congestion charge is driving people to public transit, while Ferrari launches Europe's first privately-owned high speed rail in Italy. Toronto is investing $8 billion in transit and Dublin is funding 100 bike and pedestrian projects.


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