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Earn $50 for improving transportation in our region

Here's why you should participate in the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning's My Daily Travel Survey

The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning is conducting a survey to understand local and regional transportation needs to better inform the decision-makers responsible for their improvements. The survey began August 2018 and will go until May 2019.

The last time the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning conducted a household survey was 2007-08.

As someone who depends on the availability, reliability, and safety of public transportation, I was eager to participate. The $50's you earn for participating? An extra sweet bonus! I did the math… $50 is equivalent to: 22 one-way bus rides; 20 one-way rides on the “L;” 3 all-day Divvy passes, 15 half-hour rides, or heck you’ll be half way to an annual membership; or 6 rides on the Metra Electric from end to end. Those of you who own cars and are familiar with the cost of gas, feel free to do the same calculations. So, you will be making money for future transit use, by recording your current transit use. Considering the last time CMAP conducted a household survey was 2007-08, I definitely wanted to contribute to current and future planning.

The Westat DailyTravel app makes the reporting easy because it tracks your travel on your assigned day.

Now for the logistics. The first part (of two) is to enter quite a bit of personal information up front – such as work and home address, access to a car, income level, and so on. But once that’s out of the way, you are assigned one day (though you can report for up to seven) to report on. One day! With a $50 incentive, I was expecting at least a week. The Westat DailyTravel app makes the reporting easy because it tracks your travel on your assigned day and prompts you to record how you traveled there when it detects you’ve made a stop. Just be aware, it’s quite sensitive and will ask if you have made a stop even at a particularly long stop light. But for those instances you just select “I was still traveling (not a real stop).” And the $50 is yours, as simple as that.

With a little effort, you can help improve transportation planning in our region and be rewarded handsomely for your efforts. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up to participate at: My Daily Travel.

Chelsey Grassfield is an MPC Research Assistant and recent graduate from the University of Chicago. 

Earn $50 by helping CMAP!


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