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Chicago Transit Authority

Goal: Create 75,000 new jobs through infrastructure investment

Infrastructure is the backbone that supports our economy and our communities. Investing in roads, public transit, water mains and sewer lines is critically important, not only to maintain safety, but to enable economic growth.

The Chicago metropolitan region has come together to prioritize several urgent infrastructure improvements, including modernizing Chicago Union Station, which serves 120,000 people every day (and growing); and upgrading the vast system of pipes that carries clean water to homes and businesses. These investments will create jobs: For example, completing new transportation projects or extensions identified in GO TO 2040 will result in 4,300 jobs a year, and increasing investments in water resources will create 3,200 annual jobs.

MPC advocates for new revenue options and investment policies that make the best use of limited public funding and leverage private investment to deliver the infrastructure that will keep Chicagoland economically competitive.


Our work toward this goal

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